Community Solutions Lab
Submission Form: Community Organization

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The goal of the Community Solutions Lab is to engage students and community organizations in solving the complex challenges facing our local community.

If selected, our organization will commit to contributing with the following:
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Please note the required criteria for participating in the Community Solutions Lab Process:

·       The participation of a Core Team of at least 5 key stakeholders involved in the organizational challenge, this should include: at least one individual from senior management, 1-2 staff members, and up to 2-3 end-users affected by this complex challenge.

·       Organizations must be willing to attend 3-5 meetings, over a period of 3 months.

·       Organizations are aware that their Core Team will be paired with a Queen’s Social Impact Team of 5-6 students, staff and faculty.

·       Organizations must be willing to present their organizational challenge to students; this will include a one hour presentation including a question and answer period. 


By signing below, I verify that I have read and agree with the above. I understand that failure to participate according to these criteria will render my application ineligible.

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